Baker Lake Classic 25k in Washington

Alex Wingert |

The Baker Lake Classic 25k was my first foray into anything beyond the half-marathon distance. In the first half of 2019 I had already completed 2 half-marathons, including a PB, so I thought the timing was right to give a longer race a shot.

This race was recommended to me by one of the organizers of a local trail running group in Port Moody, as it is fairly flat for a trail race.

Without much thought, I signed up online and committed to it!

I wasn't too worried about the distance, and I knew I could handle some elevation, as I've made a shift to almost solely running in the mountains in 2019.

With all this being said, I was still a little anxious about the race, so I searched online through forums, websites, and Strava, trying to find a GPX of the trail, but I couldn't!

For everyone running this race in the future, this post is for you!

Below is the trail map and elevation profile to help you prepare for the Baker Lake 25k.

Enjoy and good luck!