Surviving Work After a Long Weekend

Alex Wingert |

A lot of people dread heading back to work after a long weekend. Which, fair enough, sitting around on the third night of the weekend watching a movie is awesome. However, we need to get on with our life. Here’s what I do to get myself ready for work after an extended weekend.

Revisit Your Calendar

A couple hours before going to bed, I like to remind myself that I’m going into the office tomorrow. I don’t do anything major besides glancing at my schedule to see what meetings or special items are on my calendar. This way, when I wake up in the morning, I already know what my day looks. It’s one less thing for me to do when I wake up.

Don’t Sleep In

It’s easy to convince yourself to sleep in that extra 30 minutes and ease yourself into the week. DON’T! This does nothing but make it harder for you to wake up.

Eliminate Morning Decisions

Get your clothes ready, your food ready, and anything else you do in the morning. The less brainpower you have to use in the morning, the better. I always prepare my mornings the night before, it makes waking up a little less daunting.

Don’t Dread Work

If you really hate waking up to go to work that much, chances are you need a new job. Life is too short to do things you hate every day, even if it pays well.